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Often when clients compare our workshop prices to our competitors, they are left baffled with our costing. So here is the main question that we are constantly receiving.


At Perana Set Design we acknowledge that with the large income gap, it is vital that individuals are able to harness their own skills and turn it into a business opportunity. This is exactly what our director did, and he seeks to inspire others to do the same. Our workshops are suitable for all individuals regardless of their financial status to make it more accessible for a greater variety of people. These workshops provide the individual with the basic knowledge of the skill that they wish to learn, industry tips, equipment to practice on and notes and material to cement that knowledge. Furthermore, hands-on tuition is provided so that every individual has a chance to learn according to their own capacity and to ask any questions.

Success is within reach for everyone with just a little bit of hope and hard work! Whist this course is about technical knowledge, we at Perana Set Design seek to empower individuals by instilling a sense of confidence in their abilities. We love seeing the excitement as you discover your own potential and realise how you can create business opportunities for yourself. Booking with us is an investment towards your future.

To join our events community, like our Facebook page or to secure your seat at one of our popular workshops head over to our website at Peranasetdesign.

On  a side note we love seeing our clients progress so in that same vein, congratulations Arashna Maharaj for expanding to a bigger store in Umhlanga. We wish you well for the future and all the successes it may bring. To contact Arashna for all your latest eastern wear for retail and wholesale email her at: arashna@Exqzit.co.za or have a look at her website. www.exqzit.co.za .


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