A lot of people struggle with the concept of an event company like Perana Set Design reaching out to train and guide others in the community on how to run an event company. People often point out the obvious fact that we’re ‘creating competition’ but to really understand why we do this you need to understand the South African socio-economic landscape.

You see, we live in possibly the world’s most beautiful country. The downside is that it has been ravaged by Apartheid and extremism for many years, and inequality is still a massive chasm that our people battle to cross. The cost of living is rising faster than our earning capacity and a growing number of welfare dependents means the pressure is mounting on the shoulders of our handful of taxpayers. The reality is that if we don’t have a Plan B or a passive income channel, we’re enslaving ourselves and maintaining the oppression of our own people.

Perana Set Design was born from one man’s vision to balance the economic scales in South Africa. Having been through his own set of hardships in life, he felt responsible to his fellow citizens to give them even just a small glimmer of hope with a skill that didn’t require a Matric certificate to obtain. Rather than aligning with barriers ‘because that’s just the way life is’, Naven Rajah built Perana Set Design as a vehicle for carrying out a mission to give affordable and accessible education to people who could use it to benefit themselves and their families in a massive way.

When you book a workshop with Perana Set Design, you’re not attending a lecture – you’re diving right into the thick of things and getting to grips with every up and down the event industry has to offer. You’re getting first-hand experience and insight that other event companies don’t want you to have because they’re afraid you could surpass them. Our Director is driven by the way our delegates soak up his knowledge and experience, and he often goes the extra mile to help everyone climb their own ladders of success.

We could blog about this over an eternity, or you could check out our testimonials and book yourself a seat to one of South Africa’s most sought-after professional event décor training workshops.

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