Being in the events and design industry, one is often surrounded with piles of material. Before an event is often set up, one often gets to experience the very unglamorous side of things in the form of cleaning up the mess that previous occupants have left behind, cracks in the wall and weak rafters. That is why draping is so beautiful to us and is considered an art.

The art of draping often sees one taking a simple piece of material and turning it into something exquisite. Multiple rolls of fabric can be turned into Arabian tents or even a fairy-tale ballroom. It elevates your event and provides it with a touch of exclusivity that makes it unlike any other experience. The best part about it is that because you aren’t working with fixed structures, you can change easily change the structure, colour scheme or the entire theme based on your whim or fancy.

When working with material, you should have a concept in mind. this will aid you when buying your fabrics. You should always bear in mind that lightweight, versatile and breathable fabrics should be used. This will make you feel more comfortable when working with the material as well as not block airflow so that you do not make the venue too hot and your guests uncomfortable. Furthermore, the fabric that you choose should be sturdy enough that you can work with it and not rip through it as is possible when working with large quantities of material.

Our Learn to Drape workshop as well as our Advanced Draping workshop educates the individual on what materials are best to use, which materials have a better impact when viewing them, how to source cheap materials and best of all, how to keep costs low whilst still producing something phenomenal. These materials might include the use of bonbon, net fabric, chiffon, satin and/or sequined material to give your event a touch of sophistication and glamour.

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