We turned the corner and there it stood, bold and boisterous! What is it?  

It’s our new home!!

After 3 years of being on the road, we have finally settled into our new home and we love it! The Royal Palm Hotel, Umhlanga is where we now call “home”. Thank you so much to all our faithful delegates and clients! You have helped us get here and we appreciate you! With this new space comes new beginnings, and we know exactly what our future holds. As an organisation, we cherish the road so far that led us to this point and we look onward to the assuring horizon ahead.

To commemorate moving in, we’re celebrating Heritage Day, by showing our diversity as an organisation of individuals and our unity as a nation. Today, we’re doing all things fun and richly South African.Heritage Day was originally a Zulu holiday called “Shaka Day” that was celebrated every 24th of September. The day served as a remembrance of the great chief, Shaka, who united the Zulu tribes into a unified nation.

In 1995 when a bill was being passed by the South African parliament on the official public holidays, the Zulu’s objected that “Shaka Day” was not included. It was then that all reached a compromise to keep the holiday but for it to include the celebration of the heritage of every South African and thus it was renamed “Heritage Day”.

Here’s how we at Perana Set Design are celebrating our Heritage Day:


What is Heritage day if you don’t eat all your favourite traditional South African foods? Today we remembered our heritage by choosing our favourite dishes:

And we all know that every meal goes down better with an ice-cold Coke!

We hope that your heritage day goes just as great as ours!

Check out our latest “We’re Student’s too” video below. Our interns took a shot at doing a basic draping design and we have an official throw-down coming next week.


Be sure to stay tuned!

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