Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.” – John Harrigan

Flowers are an essential part of our daily lives and our elegant events.

We recently hosted our Event Flowers & Table Decor workshop and decided that we want to share just a bit of our knowledge.

Just like in building, you have to start with a foundation. With flowers, you have to start creating from the inside, out. Floral arrangements are an important part of creating ambiance and positive atmosphere for events. It involves using appropriate design and colour to create beautiful artwork through the use of flowers, foliage, and other floral accessories. Floral arrangements can be made with fresh flowers, dried flowers, or artificial flowers – we advise using fresh flowers. There are several types of floral arrangements that can be created. Here are just a few that we and our delegates created at our last workshop.

  1. Main Table Bouquet

Your main table floral arrangement should always be low so that your guests are able to have a good view of you. The arrangement should also encompass the main colours and theme of your event that will ensure your table is the highlight of the room. 

If you have allocated a lower budget to your flower’s and centerpieces, adding a bit more greenery than flowers is a great and cost-effective way to still make your centerpiece beautiful.


  1. Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet adds the finishing touch to the big day. The beauty is in the details. For example, the bridal bouquet should incorporate the personality of the bride and her tastes but should also be in line with the colour and theme of the wedding. However, it is important to consider other factors such as, your budget and the seasonal availability of your favourite flowers.


  1. Guest Table Centerpieces

Your guests are an integral part of your event. Therefore the floral arrangements that you choose are an essential part of planning your event. It would be wise to choose flowers with a subtle fragrance for your guest tables. This is because guests might become uncomfortable with a strong fragrance lingering. 

The amount of space that you have per table should be taken into consideration as it dictates to a large degree how the floral arrangements should be shaped and sized. Nobody wants to have a centerpiece that is taking up the entire table leaving little space for them to move, neither do people want to have a small centerpiece that makes the table look bare and unwelcoming. We say, keep the centerpieces short to medium length, as high centerpieces make it difficult for guests to interact with each other, and guest interaction is the most essential part of our events. 

It is important to remember that flowers have meanings behind them, so when you select your flowers for your event it should set the tone and ambiance of your event. Below is a list of a few of the flowers that we enjoyed working with at our recent Event Flowers & Table Decor workshop, and what each colour symbolises. 


Red – red roses symbolise love, romance, and passion.

White – these roses are a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as new beginnings which is why many brides choose this colour for their weddings.

Pink – represents a state of grace and gentleness. They add a sense of sweetness.

Yellow – bright, cheerful, and joyful is what a yellow rose represents. It conveys warmth and happiness to the receiver.

Peach – the rose of elegance. A peach rose is the perfect rose to show gratitude and appreciation to a loved one in an elegant way.


White – symbolise loyalty and honesty.

Yellow – these represent sorrow and sympathy, or neglected love.

Red – the colour that represents love. A red chrysanthemum symbolises love and deep passion.


White – the most popular color of the lily family symbolises purity and modesty.

Pink – these lilies are a representation of admiration and infatuation.

Yellow – symbolise a desire for enjoyment and a thankful spirit.

Orange – characterised by confidence, pride, and wealth.



Penny gum

Leather leaf


We like to end off our blogs with something interesting for our reader’s. This week we have an exciting alternative to floral centerpieces. Our friends from Lulu’s Cupcakes create magical, edible (yes, edible!) floral cupcake centerpieces that cover 2 important areas of events:

  1. You have a beautiful edible floral centerpiece
  2. Dessert is already served

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