About our Workshops

LearntoDrape.co.za (founded by Perana Set Design) has aimed to uplift the lives of others by sharing our expertise and knowledge. Learntodrape.co.za has developed entrepreneurial skills for over 400 delegates across South Africa. We have upskilled the lives of our community members, regardless of their education or background. These people have been at the heart of every activity we’ve hosted, as well as our entire campaign. Our social media campaign demonstrates to business owners and entrepreneurs just how much our workshops can do for them. We have built a platform that enables us to educate and empower those in need to become entrepreneurs thus achieving the vision of LearntoDrape.co.za that ‘Together we can make a difference’.

Select your Workshop

Since the company was founded, we have successfully conducted numerous workshops and training events across South Africa. Workshop events are tailored to the attendees and are broken down into two components: theory, and practical application.


Perfect for first-timers, this workshop takes one full day to complete. You will gain a solid foundation of draping and lighting techniques, as well as procedures for starting a business of your own.


A four day workshop, ideal if you have some previous experience. Training covers global best practice in venue and stage draping, table decor, fresh flower arrangements and quoting clients profitably.


Spend six days immersed in the process of learning how to craft a dream event, including weddings. Master your operation with guided contract construction, take-home checklists and templates.

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